Secure Email Hosting Benefits

Our Secure Email solution is designed for small to large businesses, who can't or don't want to spend valuable time and resources on developing and maintaining their own internal e-mail infrastructure. For many companies, taking care of corporate e-mail is not an easy task. Continued maintenance and support can quickly raise the costs, and viruses, software and hardware problems can leave your company without e-mail for many hours. Let us handle your business e-mail needs, and you will save time and money.

Secure Webmail Access
Our webmail servers are equipped with the industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption certificates, which are in effect during your entire webmail session. This means that any information sent from you to our mail server, and back, is encrypted or scrambled, from the moment you log in, until the moment you log out, making it impossible to intercept or steal.

Secure IMAP and/or POP Access
Enjoy full security of SSL encryption when you are using your desktop email client to access your email account through IMAP or POP. All email traffic will be encrypted, including your username and password that your email client provides to our servers in order to authenticate. Our mail servers support virtually any IMAP/POP capable email client: Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail and Entourage, Linux/BSD clients, and even PDAs and pocket PCs. Alternate ports are available in case your Internet provider is blocking standard access ports.

Large Mailboxes
1000 MB of email storage space per mailbox, stored on secure Unix servers. If you require more space, we can provide you with as much space as you need. Keep in mind that storing email on our servers is very efficient, and you can have tens of thousands of emails that could fit within 500 MB of your mailbox space.

Spam and Virus Protection
The worst offenders are blocked before they enter our network. Anti-virus protection and SPAM identification and tagging are integrated into our SMTP gateways. Tagged spam can be configured to automatically go to your SPAM folder instead of your INBOX. We also provide Greylisting Service. This service is optional (it has to be requested), but is otherwise free of charge and already included in the mailbox price.

And more..
No ads, banners, graphics.
No default email signature, every user is free to pick her/his own.
Powerful interactive spell checker.
Free domain name hosting.
Set Reply-To header field to whatever you want.
10 Free email Aliases per mailbox.
Unlimited size attachments.
Ability to turn off HTML display of email messages.
Get email from any external provider using POP.
Blacklist and whitelist ability.
Forwards, vacation support, autoresponders.
Download all attachments as zip files.
Multiple identity support.
Mobile email support for PDAs.
Compose messages with an HTML GUI.
Block images in HTML messages.
PGP and S/MIME functionality.
Powerful search with virtual inbox support.
Unlimited data email transfer

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Free Installation and Setup
When you order secure email hosting, we will configure and setup your email clients for free. Our dedicated customer care team will contact you with details and arrange suitable install date. This offer applies to costumers located in Westchester NY area with orders of 20 and more email mailboxes. Remote installation available.