New Email Accounts

Starting from today, new Loftmail accounts will only be created by invitation from existing Loftmail account.

Roundcube and Loftmail

We are testing roundcube open source webmail. We want to start small, not all plugins are implemented, servers are tested for the new load.

So far following plugins are implemented: rcguard, captcha, idle_timeout.

Idle_timeout is set to 30 minutes, you will get waring when timer hits 28 minutes of inactivity.

Occasionally we may see DB time out in the GUI, this is being investigated. On a side note, we will be adding password plugin and notes, stay tuned and as always
report any problems.


Free Email from Loftmail

We are opening registration for a free email accounts. Create one and finally have a email that just works. As a side note, all Loftmail email accounts are free from any advertising banners, popups or any other data mining scripts.


Loftmail Performance

I want to share with you some of the Loftmail stats that may give you a glance how Loftmail infrastructure performs:

Network Performance from last three months:


And here we have network thruput performance from the last three months:


Ordering temporary disabled.

We are in process of upgrading your internal email infrastructure and as a results all new signups are temporary disabled. All existing web hosting and email hosting account are operating normally.

Thank you for understanding.